Migration Period
between Odra and Vistula

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Karlino, Białogard district, West Pomeranian Voivodeship (Germ. Cörlin/Körlin, Kr. Kolberg-Körlin, Westpreussen), site of discovery in 1838/39, between the K. and Lubiechowo, resting within peat under a large boulder or next to it, at a depth of 30 cm, of a →Migration Period  hoard: seven →Scandinavian Bracteat  type C (fig. 1) classified to eastern Danish-northern Swedish subgroup of M. Axboe; two looped and framed solidi →Solidus – a Theodosius II (430-440) and a Leo I (462 or 466) struck at Constantinople; gold ornaments: fragment of a bracelet (Kolbenarmring); a gold coiled wire bead; two rings, one of them polygonal, with a runic →Runes/ runic alphabet inscription ALU (fig. 2). Six bracteats →Scandinavian Bracteat (IK 100) were struck with the same die, the seventh (IK 329), struck with a different die, features a runic →Runes/ runic alphabet inscription: WAIGA. Moreover, the same deposit possibly included the following: a gold ring of spirally twisted wire; two looped and framed solidi →Solidus: a Valentinian I (367-375), struck at Trier, and a Valentinian III (ok. 430-445), minted in Constantinople (fig. 3); less likely: a pendant of three solidi →Solidus of Theodosius II fitted with solid tube-like suspension loops (fig. 4), two of these coins struck in Constantinople (408-420 and 420-422), the third at Thessaloniki (424-455). The hoard from K., datable to the early 6th century and presumably brought into the region from south-western Scandinavia, most likely, Funen or Bornholm, is one of the latest finds associated with the Germanic horizon in Pomerania; it suggests contacts between Ostrogothic Italy and Scandinavia. Until World War II most of the finds from K. were held by Museum für Vor-und Frühgeschichte in Berlin, at present they are in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. Analogies on territory of Poland: →Suchań , →Wapno , →Zagorzyn  . Scandinavian analogies include Rynkebygård, Elsehoved and Broholm (all three deposits from Funen).


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