Migration Period
between Odra and Vistula

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Brudnice Żuromin district, a settlement complex of →Przeworsk Culture  and →Wielbark Culture , in use from early 1st until the onset of 5th c. AD, investigated since 2004 by regular archaeological excavation by Andrzej Szela. Site of discovery in the topsoil of many →Migration Period  objects: bronze buckles with a thickened frame types M-L AH11, AH16, AH27-28, also with silver-plating, type AH16 (fig. 1), a silver →Tongue-shaped strap-end (fig. 2), silver-plated strap-ends type Brudnice (fig. 3), a brooch, type Bügelknopffibel with a polyhedral knob, type Bornholm (fig. 4). There were numerous →Migration Period  cremation graves and two richest inhumation graves, in the part of the cemetery associated with →Wielbark Culture . One of them held the burial of a thirty-year old woman, her face recreated from her skeletal remains (fig. 5), and among the grave goods, more notably, a belt set in Untersiebenbrunn style →Sösdala-Untersiebenbrunn Style and a face bead, type 2 of Selling.

Andrzej Szela

Instytut Archeologii UW


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