Migration Period
between Odra and Vistula

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A database of palynology data for the first millennium AD in Poland. To illustrate on maps the changes in forest cover and presence of palynological indexes of human economy during the Migration Period in the area under study a special database will be created using palynology sites with a record on environmental change during the first millennium AD sufficiently accurate so that they can be dated accurately. For each profile age models will be developed in radiocarbon and in calendar years using advanced software (OxCal.6, CLAM).

We plan to supplement the radiocarbon dating in profiles most valuable for the Project, e.g., from Wolin Island and Kaszuby Lake District (10 AMS dates). Depending on objective potential offered by the assembled material, a series of maps will be made for 4-5 chronological horizons covering the first millennium. These maps will present: percentages for the pollen of arboreal and herbaceous plants and the key palynology indexes of land use (e.g., cereals, Plantago lanceolata, Rumex acetosa/acetosella, Artemisia, etc.). The REVEALS model will be used to reconstruct changes in forest cover in specific areas during the first millennium AD.